Ohio Personal Injury Victim – Client Testimonial-Joyce

No one plans for accidents or personal injuries to happen. Joyce was riding her ATV when her neighbor’s dog ran in front of her, causing her four-wheeler to flip over and throwing her onto the pavement. She broke seven ribs, punctured a lung, and needed staples in her head. These injuries led to other complications that left her with expensive medical bills she was unable to pay.

After someone suggested she reach out to a personal injury lawyer, Joyce contacted Charles Boyk. He was able to resolve Joyce’s Toledo personal injury claim and helped her pay her medical bills. During their time working together, Joyce found Charles to be “on the ball” and willing to help. Charles strives to help Toledo-area personal injury victims such as Joyce receive the compensation they need and deserve.

Listen to Joyce tell her story and call the attorneys at Charles Boyk Law Offices if you have any questions. If you are in a similar situation to Joyce and need help paying your medical bills after an accident that was not your fault, call Charles Boyk. An experienced Toledo personal injury lawyer can help you determine your options after an accident.

Ohio Personal Injury Victim – Client Testimonial – YouTube (360p)

Joyce:  I was driving my four-wheeler down the road last August and the neighbor’s dog ran out in front of me, and I hit the dog with my tire and it flipped my four-wheeler over, sending me onto the road. I ended up breaking seven ribs. I got a torn lung, eight staples in the head and I ended up later on getting blood clots and internal bleeding. And with three different hospitals involved, I was really worried about the medical bills getting paid.

And after I was getting several bills in the mail, I thought, “I need help with this.” So, I was advised to contact an attorney to help pay these bills, make sure they got paid. And so I did and I got ahold of Charles Boyk and I was very excited with the way I was treated. He has wonderful help. He was on the ball and he’s got the bills paid and I would definitely recommend Charles Boyk to anybody.

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