Ohio Personal Injury Attorney – Rod Duty Client Testimonial

Ohio resident Rod Duty discusses his experience working with Toledo car accident lawyer Charles Boyk after his car accident. During his time working with Charles, he found that he was working with a professional, helpful car crash attorney who was always available to answer his questions. Even when not immediately available, Charles Boyk responds to his clients as soon as possible.

Duty contacted Charles after his chiropractor recommended he speak to a personal injury lawyer. When he got home and askes his wife, she suggested he reach out to Charles Boyk. Charles guided him through the legal process, helping him recover damages from the driver responsible for his injuries. Through every step of the process, the attorneys at Charles Boyk Law Offices will make their clients feel valued and secured.

Boyk helped Duty seek justice after his accident. According to Duty, he could not have asked for better representation from Charles. Rod Duty recommends that anyone who has “had an accident or has been involved in this type of problem contact this law firm”. Watch Rod describe his experience below, and if you suffered injuries in a car wreck in Toledo, take Rod’s advice and call an experienced car accident lawyer at the Charles Boyk Law Offices.

Ohio Personal Injury Attorney – Client Testimonial – YouTube (360p)

Rod Duty: My name is Rod Duty and a little over three years ago, I had a car accident. I had injuries to my left shoulder, left hip, and my lower back. I started going to a chiropractor after a few days and it just didn’t seem to be working out. And the chiropractor also suggested that I get ahold of an attorney so my wife told me about Chuck Boyk. I had no problems. If I would call him and they weren’t available, they’d call me back in a reasonable amount of time. Appointments and all that – just, I couldn’t have asked for any better representation from this firm. I would recommend anybody that has had an accident or has been involved in this type of problem to contact this law firm.

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