Car Accident Testimonial – Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

Being in one serious car accident is stressful enough. However, within a few-month period, Jennifer Benavidez was in two different car accidents. One of them even required her to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. After her accidents, she decided to seek justice. A family friend referred her to Charles Boyk.

Whenever you are seeking help for a personal injury, you may want an attorney who possesses certain qualities. A car accident lawyer should be thorough, knowledgeable, and honest. When Jennifer worked with Mike Bruno, one of the attorneys at The Charles Boyk Law Offices, she found he possessed all these qualities. They stood by her as she recovered from her accident and helped her through her medical treatments and while seeking justice for her injuries.

If you suffer an injury in a car accident, you may want someone to look out for you. You may want someone who can offer you honest advice and help guide you through this difficult time by helping you find the treatment and recover the compensation you need and deserve. To learn more, contact The Charles Boyk Law Offices for a free consultation.

Car Accident Testimonial – Ohio Personal Injury Attorney – YouTube (360p)

Jennifer Benavidez: I’m Jennifer Benavidez. I’m with the Boyk’s Office. I was referred to as – by a family friend and I was struck by a vehicle on the side of a highway as well as getting T-boned by another a few months later. I was life flighted to St. V’s and then I was also treated at the University of Toledo by Dr. Ebraheim. The Boyk’s office did refer me to Dr. Ebraheim and I refer anyone to Dr. Ebraheim. He’s a very, very good doctor, very thorough, nice, and knows his stuff. Mike Bruno was my lawyer, he took my case and he was very thorough with me, very honest and gave me great advice and I would refer anybody to this law firm.

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