Toledo Overexertion Injury Lawyer

Studies have shown that overexertion is one of the leading reasons employees claim workers’ compensation. If you have suffered an injury because of your occupational duties, you may benefit from the advice and counsel of a local attorney. Understanding what your rights to recovery are after overextending yourself at work can be challenging. A Toledo overexertion injury lawyer could defend your rights and advocate on your behalf.

Types of Overexertion Injuries

Before considering the different coverage options for workers’ compensation, it is helpful to review the types of overexertion injuries that can occur in the workplace. These injuries in the workplace may occur for a variety of reasons.

For example, those with jobs that require manual labor and lifting, such as a warehouse worker, could develop a skeletal or muscular disorder related to repetitive movement and overexerting the body. Tasks such as lifting, bending, or even sitting at a desk could cause an overexertion injury as well. It is important to note that not all injuries are compensated equally, nor are all disabilities covered. A Toledo lawyer could assess an individual’s overexertion injury and determine if they may be eligible to receive benefits.

Benefits for Worker’s Comp Injuries in Toledo

A Toledo attorney could help an employee file for workers’ compensation if they suffered an overexertion injury. Temporary total disability benefits are provided under workers’ comp for those suffering from total or partial disability for a temporary period of time.

More than seven days must be missed from work due to the injury for an employee to qualify for temporary total disability benefits. Wage loss benefits may be available to workers who suffer injuries that allow them to return but not to their previous position due to the limitations of their disability.

Workers facing overexertion injuries that leave them permanently disabled could be eligible to recover permanent total or partial disability benefits. Permanent partial benefits are available to those suffering from lasting injuries but are still able to return to work. Permanent total disability benefits could be sought by those considered incapable of returning to work or pursuing any other long-term gainful employment.

Depending on the type and severity of someone’s injury, the amount of relief they may be entitled to receive may vary. For example, injured claimants seeking temporary total disability are entitled to receive 72 percent of their average weekly wage until they reach maximal medical improvement or up to 200 weeks following their claim.

Under Ohio Revised Code §4123.57, permanent partial disability compensation is divided between scheduled and percentage losses. Permanent total disability beneficiaries could receive weekly payments for the rest of their life, measured by the temporary total disability rate according to OH. Rev. Code §4123.58.

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An overexertion injury is tough to overcome both physically and mentally. Additionally, suffering an injury after working hard to provide for yourself and your family can be disheartening.

Fortunately, a Toledo overexertion injury lawyer could dedicate themselves to helping you recover financially. A legal consultant could discuss your options for recovery and help you fight for the benefits you may be eligible to receive. To learn more about how an attorney could help you and your case, call to schedule a consultation today.

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