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In Toledo, bicycles are supposed to be ridden on the roadway and they are not supposed to be ridden on public sidewalks. Ohio laws apply to all Ohio municipalities and Toledo bicycle accident’s specific Toledo Municipal Code would also apply to accidents in the City of Toledo. Therefore, Ohio code would apply and Toledo Code would apply only in circumstances where it differs from Ohio Code. Furthermore, an individual riding a bike on a public sidewalk in Toledo is breaking the law. Furthermore, by riding on the sidewalk, an individual could be endangering themselves and others. If you have been injured in a bike collision, it is vital that you speak with a Toledo bicycle accident lawyer. A capable bike crash attorney could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Common Injuries in Bike Accident Cases

Bicycles are potentially dangerous due to their slower speed, low visibility particularly at night, and should they become involved in an accident, there is no protection for the bicyclist. Injuries sustained in a bicycle accident are apt to be far more serious than injuries incurred in a car or even motorcycle accident.

Common injuries from bicycle accidents would be broken bones, death, herniated discs, and multiple instances of scarring and abrasions. They are very similar to motorcycle collision injuries. The only major distinction that could be found is that a motorcycle may be going at a higher rate of speed when involved in a collision than a bicycle, but the resulting injuries are the same. An individual may be eligible for compensation for their injuries and a Toledo bicycle accident lawyer could help them pursue compensation for those injuries.

What are the Differences Between Motorcycle Laws and Bicycle Laws?

Motorcycles have to abide by all the laws affecting automobiles, but there are additional requirements applicable to motorcycles. Both types of vehicles have to obey all traffic control devices such as stop signs, red lights, and no entry or no exit warnings. Bicycles in Ohio must adhere to a bike law under Ohio Revised Code 451127 stating that cars must stay at least three feet away from a bicycle once the bicycles are on the road. This law does not apply to motorcycles. There are no other laws that apply to bicycles but not motorcycles. A Toledo bicycle accident attorney could answer questions that an accident victim may have about the differences between motorcycle and bicycle accident laws.

Potential Consequences of Bike Crashes

One such circumstance would be that bicycles are often moving too slow for traffic on most roads and motorcycles are often moving too fast for traffic. There are also issues with bicycles being more dangerous than motorcycles because their slow speed interferes with the traffic pattern of the road. In addition, bicycles are apt to be ridden on the far right edge of a roadway, while motorcycles travel in the same lanes as cars.

What are the Insurance Requirements for Bicycle Riders?

There are no mandatory requirements for bicycle insurance for bicycles ridden on the roadway. Most tenant or homeowner insurance policies will cover a bicyclist for injuries caused to another. If a bicyclist is injured through the fault of a motorcyclist or automobile driver, the driver’s motorcycle or automobile insurance will cover injuries to the bicycle operator.

Under Ohio Law, it makes no difference if the bicyclist is using it as a primary means of transportation or not, so there is no mandatory insurance requirement for bicycles. If a person was using a bike in an employment situation and sustained an injury, it may be a workers’ compensation claim or their employer may be responsible if the employee caused the accident,  but there is no mandatory requirement to carry insurance if a person is a bicycle operator or rider under Ohio law.

Building a Claim Against the Defense

The distinction between building a claim in a motorcycle accident and a claim in a biking accident would be that the bike most likely was not going at a high rate of speed as it would be in a common motorcycle accident, but a Toledo bicycle accident lawyer would be doing the same type of investigation. One thing an attorney would make sure to investigate would be is if the bike was in good working order before the accident, but the same type of investigation would be done. The defense is still going to want to make sure that the bicyclist was following all the rules of the road under Ohio Law, but it would remain the same type of defense as it would be in a motorcycle accident.

How a Toledo Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

A Toledo bicycle accident lawyer can be an invaluable asset in bike accident cases. If an attorney were contacted by someone involved in a bicycle accident, they would treat it in the same manner as a car accident. They would gather information from the client and take photos of the scene. The attorney could hire a private investigator and attempt to get witness statements and order up medical records. The attorney may get light sequences if that was relevant and do a thorough and complete investigation into the liability of the case. If an individual has been injured in a bicycle collision, they should consult a qualified bike accident attorney that could advocate for them.

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