Sylvania Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

There are certain regulations established for pool areas, including those that are private or public. Hotels, motels, and residential pools must all have pool fences that meet the defined specifications.

Pool Fence Standards

  • Height of at least 4 feet
  • Surround entire pool
  • Gaps no larger than 4 inches
  • Self-closing and self-latching
  • Gate out of reach of children

If a pool fence does not meet the above standards, it may not prevent drowning accidents like it is meant to. This can pose a serious danger to children.

Pool Safety Standards

  • Covers for pools and hot tubs when not in use
  • Removal of all toys when pool is not in use
  • Drain covers to prevent entrapments
  • Easily accessible emergency equipment

Contact a Legal Team

If you have visited a Sylvania, Ohio pool and the fence was defective, resulting in the injury to you or a loved one, contact a Sylvania pool accident attorney. We believe in pool and water safety and want to help those that have been victims of unsafe pool areas. Our legal team can review your case over the phone and begin working towards justice.


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