Swanton UPS and FedEx Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

FedEx and UPS are two of the largest courier delivery companies in the country. They haul countless tons of freight and mail from coast to coast and every point in between. With so many of these trucks on the road, it is no surprise that they are frequently responsible for vehicle accidents.

While not as long as 18-wheelers, these single-axle trucks are still difficult to maneuver. When a UPS or FedEx driver makes a mistake behind the wheel, the consequences could impact other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians on the road.

After a crash, let a dedicated personal injury attorney review your case. If your claim is strong, a Swanton UPS and FedEx delivery truck accident lawyer could guide you to maximize financial recovery.

Common UPS/FedEx Truck Accident Injuries

Learning what a potential delivery truck accident could be worth starts with understanding the nature of the injuries involved. The damage in a FedEx or UPS delivery truck crash could be substantial given how much larger these trucks are than other passenger vehicles, and a crash could lead to a devastating impact on a car and its occupants. Some injuries resulting from this type of impact could include:

Dealing with these injuries after they occur can be costly and time-consuming. In addition to the expense of medical care, an injured driver may also face financial strain due to time away from work. A Swanton attorney could advise a person injured in a UPS or FedEx delivery truck accident on whether they could be entitled to compensation for their condition.

Potential Compensation in Swanton

Because of the potential severity of a collision with a delivery truck, compensation in these accidents could be significant. However, pursuing a claim for a UPS or FedEx truck crash could be challenging without a Swanton legal advisor. These delivery companies typically employ many attorneys with the goal of limiting recovery on valid injury claims. Despite their efforts, compensation could still be possible with help. Common types of compensation recovered could include:

Lost Wages

One of the most difficult aspects of a truck crash is potentially missing work during the recovery period. If a person is injured to the point that they cannot return to their job, the financial strain could be tremendous. A successful injury claim could help recoup some of those lost wages.

Medical Bills

There is potential for enormous medical bills following a collision with a FedEx or UPS truck. Injuries could lead to hospital stays, surgical costs, medical devices, and physical therapy. A plaintiff could obtain compensation for all of these losses.

Vehicle Repair Expenses

Passenger vehicles that collide with delivery trucks are often worse for wear afterward. These collisions could require the repair or replacement of a driver’s vehicle. It is possible to offset those costs with a successful civil lawsuit.

Contact a Swanton UPS and FedEx Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

Given what is at stake following a major accident, it is vital that you discuss your options with experienced legal counsel. Your attorney could advise you on your rights and prepare you for what to expect from the claims process.

Moving forward with litigation starts with a call to a Swanton UPS and FedEx delivery truck accident lawyer. Schedule your initial consultation to start the process today.


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