Sandusky Boat Accident Lawyer

Boating is key to life in Sandusky and plays an important role in the city’s tourism, recreational, and commercial sectors. Unfortunately, while a day out on the water can be a fun and relaxing pastime, a boating accident can transform it into a nightmare.

In many cases, boating accidents result from another person knowingly participating in risky behavior or their failure to act with reasonable caution. If you or a loved one was injured in a boating-related accident and believe that someone else was at fault, a personal injury attorney could help determine whether you may be entitled to compensation. Consulting with a Sandusky boat accident lawyer could be an important first step towards securing monetary damages.

Boating Accidents and Common Causes

Boating wrecks may involve powerboats, canoes/kayaks, pontoons, jet skis, or sailboats. These accidents can often have catastrophic results, including burns, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, and sometimes can be fatal.

Any number of factors might contribute to a boating accident. For instance, the individual operating a boat could be inexperienced, inebriated, or fail to follow safety rules. In other cases, a boat’s engine, steering system, or gears could fail, or weather conditions could rapidly change, rendering ordinarily safe speeds dangerous.

Injuries resulting from any of these causes could entitle victims to civil damages. An experienced Sandusky boat accident attorney could investigate a case, determine which parties bear fault, and pursue compensation on behalf of an injured party.

Recoverable Damages for Sandusky Boat Accident Injury Plaintiffs

Victims of boat accidents are often saddled with what might seem like a mountain of expenses, including hospital bills, physician and nursing care, medications, physical and psychological therapy, and medical device costs. They also may be unable to work temporarily or even permanently, causing more financial stress. At the same time, the physical pain and suffering, emotional anguish, loss of consortium, and enjoyment of life can be devastating.

While no amount of money can erase these losses, civil compensation may be able to help ease the financial burden placed on victims. A monetary award could ensure an accident victim’s ongoing care and ability to support themselves and their families during a difficult time.

Also, in cases where a defendant’s recklessness is to blame, a boat crash lawyer in Sandusky may be able to recover punitive—or exemplary—damages on a plaintiff’s behalf. Although punitive damages are usually capped at $350,000, Ohio Revised Code §2315.18(B)(3) removes this ceiling for victims suffering from permanent physical deformities or injuries that render them unable to care for themselves.

Consult with a Sandusky Boat Accident Attorney Today

Boating accidents can be traumatic, and the physical, emotional, and financial fallout can be equally overwhelming. If you or a loved one suffered injury in a boating accident, you may have legal recourse. A skilled Sandusky attorney could review the facts of your case, interview witnesses, identify all possible defendants, and take civil action on your behalf.

Most personal injury civil cases must be filed within two years from the date of injury, so connecting with an attorney sooner rather than later could be crucial to your recovery and collecting damages. Call today to start working on your case.

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