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Bus accidents usually involve several people and most often result in injuries. The fact that there is a large group on the bus and the passengers have almost no control over their transportation creates a rather confusing scene when an accident is put into the mix. If you have recently been injured from a bus accident, contact a skilled Perrysburg bus accident attorney to discuss your rights.

The attorneys at our office have represented bus accident victims, helping them to receive settlements for the injuries and other damages sustained from the accident. Our focus is always on the victim and their family, and we can navigate through the proper channels, deal with all of the necessary steps, and ensure that deserved compensation is given.

There can be several different commercial bus companies involved in accidents. Whether it’s a charter bus or a shuttle bus, the result is a confusing claims process. The cause of a bus accident could be the actual bus driver, another driver on the roadway, or even a fault vehicle component.

One thing about bus accidents is that the bus carrier’s “utmost duty of care” comes into the victim’s favor. This basically means that the bus company has a responsibility to deliver the passengers a safe and secure trip as the passengers themselves do not have much control over their transportation. This also makes it much easier for a passenger to hold the company liable for negligence if any accidents do occur.

Contact a Bus Accident Attorney

To properly go through the claims process when involved in a bus accident, we advise victim’s to seek the help of a Perrysburg Bus Accident Attorney. There are several different aspects to filing a claim, some of which involve government agencies, insurance companies, and even bus management firms. This can become very confusing for someone which is why it is wise to have the help of an experienced attorney.

A Perrysburg Bus Accident Attorney at The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to reach a fair settlement for clients. Contact our attorneys today to review your accident with them over the phone and begin the claims process.

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