Peninsula Ski Injuries

The winter months have become opportunities for many to enjoy weekends at various ski resorts throughout Ohio, including the Boston Mills Brandywine resort in Peninsula, Ohio.

Known for its great events and even greater fun, this ski resort offers up skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. With safety tips on their website, and a defined Skier Responsibility Code, you would think the resort would be accident free, but that just isn’t realistic.

Ski Accidents and Injuries

With several different families, organizations, and groups of friends heading out on the slopes on any winter day, there are numerous opportunities for injury. You can’t be sure that others take the same safety precautions that you do, or even that they are aware of them. There is also a threat of faulty equipment or uneducated instructors. Both of these factors may contribute to a possible accident on the slopes.

Ski and snowboarding accidents have the potential to cause serious injury to those involved. If the cause of the injury was a negligent skier or instructor, faulty equipment, or uninformed employees, the injured may pursue damages.

Contact a Premises Liability Attorney

If involved in an accident at the Boston Mills Brandywine ski resort, we urge you to contact our law officeOur lawyers can help you to pursue the damages and compensation deserved for problems resulting from the accident, including medical bills, pain and suffering, or permanent injuries.

If you have sustained Peninsula ski injuries, contact us today to review your case over the phone and see what the next step should be.


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