Oregon Disabled Vehicle Accidents

During your daily commute, you may notice a broken-down car on the side of the road. Disabled vehicles are a common occurrence on area streets and highways and many drivers take precautions when approaching. If there is a disabled car on the road you are traveling on, you may slow down when passing to prevent a possible collision or you may switch lanes to distance yourself from the vehicle.

Ohio Revised Code §4511.66 states that a driver shall not park their vehicle on a street or highway as it may cause a disruption in the paved or traveled part of the road. If they fail to follow this law, they can be charged with a misdemeanor as having a vehicle that is unable to be seen by traffic can cause a serious disturbance on the road.

If a disabled vehicle remains on the side of the road and is involved in an accident with another vehicle, the at-fault party would be the owner of the disabled car. They would be responsible for any injuries or damages that are caused by the accident. Andrews v. Davis(2000), 140 Ohio App. 3d 707 (Ct. App. 1st. Dist.)

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