New Boyk Bulletin Podcast Episodes in Production

New Episodes of the Boyk Brief podcast are now in production. The local podcast’s first season featured 22 episodes and covered a range of topics based in the legal profession. The Boyk Brief, which was hosted by Chuck Boyk along with lawyers Andrea Young and Mike Bruno, featured interviews with local judges, attorneys, celebrities, experts, and community activists. The Boyk Brief offered a unique insider’s perspective of the local legal community with background biographies, and behind the scenes stories of famous cases, and prominent legal figures.

The new season will also highlight local entrepreneurs working in a variety of businesses.

“We are storytellers for our client’s stories to insurance companies and juries to get full value of their claim.” says Chuck Boyk. “Our goal in the podcast is to tell the stories of local businesses, professions, and inform the local community of hot topic issues.”

The Boyk Brief will also continue a video podcast which began during the first season, giving audiences the chance to see and hear the hosts and guests along with the ability to integrate photos and video in support of the discussion. The Boyk Brief video podcast is available on YouTube and the audio only version is available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Buzzsprout and Stitcher. Links to all past episodes of the Boyk Brief are available through the Boyk Law website at

If you have a story or topic for the new season of the Boyk Brief that would interest and en

gage our audiences, please contact us at 419-241-1395 or

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