Mansfield Ski Injuries

During the winter months, many Ohioans enjoy taking ski and snowboarding trips. It’s a great recreational activity, and many make it a family affair. But, with the fun that this winter sport brings, there is also a risk of injury due to accidents. If you have been in an accident and sustained Mansfield ski injuries, consult a personal injury attorney.

Some skiing and snowboarding accidents have produced serious injuries, including everything from trauma to the brain, injury to the spinal cord, and serious knee problems. There is also the risk of bone fractures, as the protective gear was worn can only do so much.

Contact an Attorney

If you have been involved in a skiing or snowboarding accident in Ohio, you may be able to pursue damages. The cause of the accident will be the determining factor of whether damages can be collected. If another skier or snowboarder was negligent and caused the accident, or if a ski resort employee or operator is to blame, monetary damages may be due. If the cause of your injuries was faulty ski equipment that was rented from the ski resort or facility, you most definitely should seek compensation.

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