Kelleys Island Boat Accident Lawyer

Visiting Kelleys Island is a tradition for many who live near Lake Erie in Ohio. The island offers family-friendly and adult fun, with various bars located on the island, as well as a state park and beach. However, if you are injured during a boating accident, you should consult with a skilled and knowledgeable Kelleys Island boat accident lawyer.

Many who visit the island do so by taking a boat over, whether it is theirs or a friend’s boat. Drinking is often an activity that occurs while friends and family visit the island, meaning that the boat operators and passengers may be under the influence of alcohol as they drive to and from the island. The potential for boating accidents is increased even if the captain is not under the influence because passengers are among the possible factors that contribute to accidents.

Possible Boating Accident Causes:

  • Boat operator fails to pay attention to lake
  • Reckless operation of the boat
  • Excessive speed
  • Alcohol
  • Passenger misbehavior
  • Improper lookout

As you can see, a boat operator is not the only person that can contribute to a boating accident. If the passengers on the watercraft are misbehaving or acting rowdy, which often happens after a day spent drinking on an island, the potential for an accident increase.

Hire a Legal Team

It is imperative for all boat passengers to know of the danger that they can pose to others if they do not behave properly.

If you have been on a boat that was involved in a Kelleys Island accident and suffered injury, as a result, call our personal injury attorneys. Our legal team can help you obtain damages for your pain and suffering. You will need a professional Kelleys Island boat accident lawyer to start building your lawsuit.

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