Gibsonburg Child Injury Lawyer

If a child becomes seriously injured, they are often neither physically or psychologically equipped to handle this type of trauma. If your child suffered a severe injury, it could be essential to find an experienced Gibsonburg child injury lawyer who could be a vigorous advocate for your child. Contact a personal injury attorney to learn about your options.

The Difference Between Child and Adult Injuries

When it comes to a traumatic injury, a child is at an increased risk of severe complications compared to an adult. Physically, a child’s body is less able to withstand impact because they are not fully developed. For example, the bones of a child are more prone to fracture than an adult, and a young brain is more likely to suffer permanent injury than one that is fully formed.

Another factor is the psychological impact of an injury. Many adults have a hard time coping with a severe injury, and in some cases, they can suffer post-traumatic stress disorder from the events surrounding their injury. These psychological issues can be more significant for young children, who often struggle to cope mentally with serious injuries.

Common Causes of Childhood Injuries

Injuries to children can occur in several ways. In many cases, those injuries occur due to the negligent actions or inaction of another party, whether it is an adult, another child, or even a government entity. However, there are certain causes of negligent injuries to children that are more common than others. A skilled child injury attorney in Gibsonburg could help you file a claim on your child’s behalf for any of these situations.

Medical Mistakes

When a doctor or other medical professional operates on a child, they must follow a duty of care. This duty is applicable during any medical procedure, from childbirth to routine medical procedures. If a doctor violates that standard of care and injures a child, they may be liable for damages.

Property Liability

Property owners may be held liable for injuries suffered by a trespassing child in some circumstances under what is known as the attractive nuisance doctrine. Essentially, a property owner can be liable for the injuries of a child who is hurt by a condition on the landowner’s property that is likely to attract the child’s interest.

Vehicle Accidents

A driver owes a duty of care to children and adults alike. If a driver is negligent in causing a vehicle collision, they may be found liable for any injuries a child suffers during the crash.

Steps to Take After the Injury of a Child

When a child suffers an injury in an accident, the priority should be to ensure their health and safety. Once the child has seen a medical professional, a seasoned Gibsonburg lawyer who is familiar with child injury cases could step in to help.

Qualified legal counsel could guide a parent through reporting the accident to the appropriate authorities, documenting the child’s injuries as well as the accident scene, and filing a claim before the statute of limitations expires. By following the proper steps, a parent may not have to give up any of their child’s future rights to recover damages from the person responsible for their injuries.

How a Gibsonburg Child Injury Attorney Could Help

By discussing your child’s injury with a Gibsonburg child injury lawyer, you could have the opportunity to take the stress of an injury lawsuit off your shoulders. You could focus on your child’s recovery while leaving the legal process to a seasoned attorney. To learn more about how an attorney could help protect the rights of your child, schedule a consultation today.

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