Gibsonburg Bus Accident Lawyer

Due to their larger weight and size, a bus can be an extremely dangerous vehicle with the wrong person behind the wheel. If you suffered an injury due to a bus collision, you might be entitled to recover compensation from both the driver and the bus company—whether you were a passenger on the bus, hit by a bus while driving, or struck when walking.

A Gibsonburg bus accident lawyer may be able to answer any questions you have about recovering your damages through a claim. By reviewing your case with an experienced personal injury attorney, you may be better equipped to hold negligent parties responsible and recover compensation.

The Duty of Care for Bus Drivers

No matter if a bus is publicly or privately owned, the operator of the bus owes their passengers a duty of care to drive with a reasonable amount of care and to navigate the streets safely. The bus driver also owes this duty to other motor vehicles on the roadway and to pedestrians.

Regardless of the size or purpose of a bus, anyone injured due to the negligent operation of a bus may have a valid legal claim. Some types of buses that can commonly be involved in accidents include:

  • Public transportation buses
  • School buses
  • Airport shuttles
  • Party buses
  • Private charter buses

A seasoned Gibsonburg bus accident attorney help could demonstrate to a court that the bus driver’s negligence caused the accident and violated this duty of care.

Accidents Involving Privately Owned Buses

If a privately owned bus is responsible for an accident, a lawyer in Gibsonburg with experience in bus accident cases could file a lawsuit seeking to recover for damages stemming from the crash. An attorney could also negotiate with the bus company’s insurance carrier to resolve the matter without the need for a trial in some cases. If negotiations fail or the bus company refuses to accept liability, a claim against a privately owned bus company can proceed to trial.

Accidents Involving Public Buses

When a municipality owns a bus involved in an accident, there are additional steps that must be taken to obtain compensation. To file an injury claim against an Ohio municipality, a plaintiff must comply with the Political Subdivision Tort Liability Act, established in Ohio Revised Code §2744.01

This Act grants government entities immunity from civil lawsuits. However, some exceptions allow personal injury claims to move forward. One of those exceptions involves any injury or death caused by the negligent operation of a vehicle owned by a municipal entity.

Every Ohio municipality has a unique system for filing a claim, and an injured victim must follow this process for their claim to be valid. As a result, retaining a knowledgable legal representative who understands these nuances could be key to obtaining a successful outcome through this process.

Work with an Experienced Gibsonburg Bus Accident Attorney

Whether you were struck by a bus or riding in one at the time of a collision, you may have legal recourse when seeking compensation from the responsible party or parties. In a bus accident case, though, there are multiple entities to deal with, including law enforcement, the bus company, their insurance carrier, and potentially court officials. Contact a Gibsonburg bus accident lawyer today to learn how an experienced attorney can help take the weight of an injury lawsuit off your shoulders.

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