Findlay Wrongful Death Settlements

Many components could determine the value of a wrongful death settlement. Each settlement is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and no two situations are alike, so it is essential to consult with a seasoned wrongful death attorney who can provide guidance from the start to the end of your claim. A Findlay lawyer can help you feel comfortable moving forward with your wrongful death settlement.

Overview of Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when an individual’s or company’s negligence or misconduct causes another to lose their life. Some common types of accidents which may lead to wrongful death include:

An experienced lawyer could conduct a thorough investigation of the events that led to the decedent’s demise and build a strong case to pursue the maximum settlement in a Findlay wrongful death case.

Filing a Claim in Findlay

A wrongful death settlement in Findlay could compensate both the decedent’s estate as well as eligible members of their surviving family for the financial loss they have endured due to untimely death. Damages could include emotional anguish, psychological distress, loss of the decedent’s financial support, burial expenses, and loss of the decedent’s counsel, instruction, and services. Claimants may recover lost inheritance they may otherwise have been awarded if the victim had survived, along with damages for the medical costs accrued in connection with the victim’s death.

A claim could be filed to compensate both the estate and family of the decedent for their losses. The representative of the deceased individual’s estate would need to be the person to file a wrongful death claim, rather than surviving family members. Surviving family members who qualify for compensation in a wrongful death settlement could include the victim’s children, parents, and spouse.

Ohio law has established time limitations for filing wrongful death lawsuits. Under Ohio Revised Code § 2125.02, the statutory deadline for wrongful death cases is two years. The two-year filing period begins on the date of the individual’s death. Adhering to the deadline is important, or else claimants could risk missing out on compensation entirely. A Findlay attorney should be sought as soon as someone wishes to file a case seeking a wrongful death settlement. They could review any circumstances that could affect the filing deadline and help the plaintiff start a claim before the statute of limitations terminates.

Consult with a Findlay Attorney to Learn More About Wrongful Death Settlements

Whether it is possible to settle your case out of court or the claim proceeds to litigation, a wrongful death attorney would advocate for your interests every step of the way. A lawyer could work hard to get you the compensation you deserve for the losses you have suffered. Findlay wrongful death settlements can be challenging to navigate without qualified legal representation.

Before you get started with your potential claim, it is vital to understand your legal rights and options. Call to discuss your case with a Findlay lawyer today.


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