Findlay UPS and FedEx Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

When a delivery truck runs into your vehicle, the outcome can be devastating. You deserve to be compensated for your damages, but this could be easier said than done.

Consider consulting with a Findlay UPS and FedEx delivery truck accident lawyer to discuss your options if you have been injured by their negligent conduct. A seasoned personal injury attorney can investigate who is legally liable for your accident and give you more information about how to claim financial damages.

Statutory Deadline for Delivery Truck Crash Claims in Findlay

Under Ohio Revised Code Annotated § 2305.10, victims have two years from the date of their collision with a UPS or FedEx delivery driver to file a civil lawsuit for compensatory damages. In the tragic event that the victim’s injuries cost them their life, Ohio law allows the individual’s estate representative up to two years from the date of the passing to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the grieving family.

Another exception to the standard two-year deadline is when a minor is involved in a crash with a mail delivery truck. In most cases, a child has until their 20th birthday to pursue legal action against the responsible party. A Findlay UPS and FedEx delivery truck wreck legal advisor can offer detailed guidance on the statutory deadlines for an individual’s claim, as well as identify any applicable exceptions.

UPS and FedEx Delivery Truck Collision Causes and Injuries

A delivery truck collision often arises from the same types of negligent driving behaviors that lead to other serious accidents on the road. A UPS or FedEx delivery driver reversing into another vehicle or improperly passing a car on a two-way street are common causes of these kinds of crashes.

Sometimes, improper loading of the packages on the truck could result in objects flying out of the vehicle. If packages start to exit a moving delivery truck, there is a strong potential they could impact another car passing by, breaking their windshield or causing them to spin out of control. Other common factors in UPS and FedEx delivery truck collisions include poor training procedures, malfunctioning brakes, running red lights or stop signs, and drunk driving.

If a truck driver fails to use reasonable care to obey the state’s driving laws or loses control of their vehicle, other motorists or pedestrians in the Findlay vicinity may be at risk of sustaining grave harm. Commonly reported injuries in UPS and FedEx delivery truck wrecks include:

  • Scarring
  • Severe burns
  • Fractured bones
  • Loss of a limb
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries

These injuries can temporarily or permanently put the victim’s life on hold by requiring extensive medical treatment and costly therapies. A Findlay legal representative could help someone injured in a collision with a UPS or FedEx delivery truck demand appropriate compensation for their condition.

Reach out to a Findlay UPS and FedEx Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

An attorney could advocate for you by holding all liable parties in the crash legally accountable to pay a settlement for your injuries. If they refuse, a Findlay UPS and FedEx delivery truck accident lawyer could advocate for you in court so that you can recover compensation for your medical bills, wage loss, emotional distress, and other substantive damages endured due to the driver’s negligence. Schedule your case consultation today to learn more about starting a legal claim.


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