Findlay Crosswalk Accident Lawyer

Some drivers do not give the proper attention to crosswalks. Whether they are in a rush, making a right, turn, or just unaware of crosswalk rules, this lack of attention can lead to serious pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrians are meant to have the right-of-way, so when they are struck in an Ohio crosswalk, the driver must be held responsible. If you have been injured, consult a Findlay crosswalk accident lawyer.

Contacting a Crosswalk Accident Lawyer

An unsuspecting pedestrian that is struck in a crosswalk can suffer a variety of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. The type of injury depends on the action of the driver, and the speed of the car. No matter what injuries are sustained, the victim will most likely accrue medical expenses. They also might experience pain and suffering, and possibly permanent damage.

Therefore, if you have been injured in a crosswalk, you deserve compensation for the above impacts to your life. Our Find lay crosswalk accident attorneys can review your case over the phone recommend a plan of action, and work to help you get damages for your injuries. Call to speak with a lawyer.

You can also order the Ohio Accident Book for free. The book contains information about dealing with multiple agencies after being involved in an Ohio accident.

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