Is There A Motorcycle Helmet Law In Ohio?

Ohio’s motorcycle helmet law has three areas included in it. Those three areas include licensed motorcyclists older than 18-years-old, riders younger than 18 with a temporary learning permit, and passengers on motorcycles.

The law passed on July 1, 1978, states the specific details regarding the use of motorcycle helmets in Ohio.

Licensed Riders Older than 18

Those motorcyclists older than 18-years-old who have a valid motorcycle license for over a year, do not have to wear a safety helmet.

Licensed Riders Younger than 18

Those motorcyclists younger than 18 who operate a motorcycle must have a proper helmet that conforms to safety standards. This section of the law also states that those with valid temporary instruction permits and valid temporary construction permit identification cards must also wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle.

A temporary instruction permit is given during the first year operating a motorcycle on the roadway.

If riders fail to abide by this section of the Ohio helmet law, they could face fines and citations as a result.

Passengers of Motorcycles

All passengers of a motorcycle must abide by the same laws as the operator. This means that if the operator is older than 18 and does not require a helmet, neither does the passenger. On the other hand, if the passenger is under 18 and must use a helmet, the passenger does too.

**Drivers who have not had their license for over a year cannot carry passengers on their bike.

While there are different sections of the law requiring helmet use, our law office advises anyone on a motorcycle to wear a helmet for safety issues. Helmets are life-saving and can prevent serious injuries. We have seen many motorcycle accident victims, so we know the aftermath that an accident can cause if protective gear is not worn.

Our professional advice is to always wear a helmet. Ride safely on Ohio roadways.

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