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What Are A Parent’s Legal Rights In A Child Accident?

If your child is involved in an accident, you can collect compensation to cover medical bills associated with the accident, pain and suffering caused by the accident, and compensation for any sort of permanent injuries that the child has sustained. The statute of limitations for…

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What To Do If Kid Is Injured On Bus?

A scary accident happened on Wednesday evening involving a car and a school bus, which thankfully had no children on board. The accident happened at the intersection of Collingwood Boulevard and Melrose Avenue Wednesday at around 4:40 in the afternoon. According to the Toledo Fire…

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How Long After My Child’s Injury Can I File A Claim?

When your child in an accident due to the fault of another individual, causing serious personal injury or emotional trauma, you can file a child accident lawsuit to collect the deserved damages. The statute of limitations, or the time you have to file a claim…

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Are Car Seats Safe Enough For Children?

The February 2014 JereBeasley Report covered a hot topic – whether or not car seats are safe and the regulations and safety standards that have been proposed. We would like to highlight this article from the report as we feel this is a topic that…

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Are Antidepressants Linked To Birth Injuries?

There has been several antidepressant drugs linked to birth injuries when women take them while pregnant and the litigation for these birth injuries is ongoing. Since there is such serious results surrounding birth injuries, our office recommends that women consult their doctors before taking any…

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