Family Dog Lost and Found After Accident

Here at Charles E. Boyk Law, we know how devastating car accidents can be, from the injuries to the insurance battles and repairs. We also know that furry friends on four legs are more like family. For our clients, the Bratspis family, these two truths combined to create a true disaster on July 31st of this year.

On their way home from a family vacation in New Jersey, they were involved in an accident in Canton, Ohio. In the confusion that ensued, a panicked Lucy, their small terrier mix, took off into the night. The family had to return home for medical treatment, but Brian Bratspis, father of the family, stayed behind to find her, without success.

After five terrifying weeks on her own, Lucy was finally found. She had lost 20% of her total body fat, but was alive and safe. After an emergency vet visit in Ohio, she was on her way home to Arizona. The Robson family, of Robson Resort Communities, provided Lucy with a private jet, so she could return home quickly, and in style. Today, the family is still recovering from their harrowing experience, but Lucy seems to be no worse for wear—Just elated to be home with her family.

Our offices are still working with the family to ensure they obtain the settlement they deserve for their experience, and we’re overjoyed that Lucy made it home safe and sound.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC