Valet Accident Leads to Injuries and Lawsuit

Our client suffered severe injuries in a motor vehicle collision with a valet driver in Toledo, Ohio. The negligent driver was working for Encore Service Group, LLC, which services the University of Toledo Medical Center.

In snowy weather, the valet driver attempted to enter an intersection but then realized it was not clear and quickly reversed directly into our client. At the time, his rear window was obstructed by snow. This collision caused injuries to our client’s left shoulder.

We worked with our client to develop a legal solution for his pain and suffering. We decided to pursue a lawsuit on the grounds of negligence and vicarious liability against the valet driver and his employer, respectively.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices prides itself on championing cases for those who have been injured due to the negligent actions of others. Legal representation can make the difference between being stuck in a life of suffering or starting the path toward recovery. If you were involved in a Toledo car accident, contact our firm so that we may begin developing a comprehensive legal action plan to get your life back on track.

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