Tragedy Strikes During Afternoon Bike Ride

On a sunny afternoon, a wife and husband were riding their bicycles on a bike trail in Warren County, Ohio. As the couple approached a crossroad, they stopped and looked for oncoming traffic. Seeing no vehicles in the area, the husband proceeded across the road first. He heard a crash behind him and turned to see his wife had been run over by an SUV.

It was later determined that the driver of the SUV had been stopped on a side street and then made a left turn across the road our clients were crossing on their bicycles. As a result of the accident, the wife suffered fractures to both of her legs, requiring extensive surgery and the placement of hardware.

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Collisions between automobiles and bicycles could have severe consequences, including broken bones, concussions, or death. These damages often require the injured party to seek medical treatment, which could result in expensive medical bills and lost wages.

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