Tenant Sues Apartment Building for Negligent Management Causing a Slip and Fall Accident

On December 28, 2019, our client was leaving his apartment building, Ten Eyck Towers, located in Toledo, Ohio, when he was injured in a slip and fall accident. At around 6 p.m., he was walking in a hallway of his building when he slipped on a puddle of liquid. Security at Ten Eyck Tower apartments had reported the puddle several times to maintenance personnel, to no avail. Moreover, no warning signs or other protections were implemented to inform residents about the puddle at the time of the incident.

As a result of the fall, our client sustained injuries to his neck, back, shoulder, and knee. He had to be transported by emergency services to the St. Vincent Hospital Emergency Department.

Negligence and Damages in a Premises Liability Case

The Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority, which meets the definition of “landlord” under Ohio law, Ten Eyck Towers, and the worker responsible for maintenance of the apartments owed a duty to our client to keep all common areas of the building safe and in sanitary condition. They breached these duties when they failed to keep the building safe. Even when the issue was made known to apartment managers, it was not fixed. Similarly, no warning signs were posted to make residents aware of the possible slip hazard. This created a condition more dangerous than could be reasonably anticipated.

The negligence on account of Ten Eyck Towers and the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority directly resulted in the injuries our client sustained. In addition to medical bills, he also experienced lost wages, pain and suffering, and mental distress. Further, our client believes that his injuries are permanent in nature and will require future treatment.

In addition to the negligence causing injury, Ten Eyck Towers and the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority failed to return our client’s security deposit or provide an itemization of deductions from the security deposit within 30 days of terminating our client’s rental agreement. By refusing to provide either of these options, they failed to comply with requirements set forth by the state of Ohio. As a result of damages and negligence in this case, our client is asking the court to award damages in excess of $25,000, in addition to attorney fees, a return of the $200 security deposit, and any other relief that the court deems just.

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