Pregnant Mother Injured in Car Accident Sues

Our client was involved in a car accident while she was driving in Springfield Township, Ohio.

After being struck on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, our client suffered injuries to her sacroiliac joint, low back, and experienced complications with her pregnancy. At the time of the accident our client was 26 weeks pregnant.

The collision forced our client to undergo extensive hospital and medical care. Additionally, the accident left her with extreme distress and anxiety as she feared for the life of her unborn child.

Working with the dedicated lawyers at Charles Boyk Law, a plan was developed to help our client get her life back. We are pursuing a lawsuit for an amount on claims of negligence, negligent entrustment and loss of consortium. In addition to this lawsuit, we have filed a claim against our client’s insurance company, Cincinnati Insurance Company, on underinsured claims.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC