Plaintiff Suffers Injuries From Rear-End Collision in Wood County, OH

On a November evening in 2019, our client was traveling westbound on State Route 795 in Wood County, Ohio when they stopped at an intersection, obeying a red traffic signal. A negligent driver, who was also traveling westbound on SR 795, did not maintain an assured clear distance ahead and smashed into the rear end of our client’s vehicle. Our client, who was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, sustained an injury. The negligent driver was cited by the responding officers for failing to maintain an assured clear distance from our client’s car.

Our client is seeking compensation from the negligent driver, and is also pursuing an underinsured motorist coverage claim against our client’s own insurer.

Multiple Causes of Action

The first two causes of action against the primary defendant are for negligence or negligence per se. Additionally, our client’s is seeking damages for loss of spousal consortium. The third and final cause of action is for declaratory relief against our client’s own insurer, as the negligent driver did not have liability coverage or had policy limits lower than the amount required to cover our clients’ damages.

Our clients are seeking an amount exceeding $25,000 to cover damages, attorney fees, and other relief the court sees as just. In addition to this, our clients seek a declaratory judgment that they are entitled to uninsured/underinsured coverage from their insurance company. Our clients also demand a jury trial for their case.

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