Passenger Seeks Damages Following Rear-End Crash

In October 2017, our client was riding in a vehicle operated by another person when they were rear-ended by another motorist. The car was struck on the driver side, directly behind our client, who was in the back seat. This caused our client to hit her head against the window and resulted in a head injury that required medical attention.

In the time since her initial visit to the hospital, our client was treated for serious personal injuries and related conditions, including vertigo, cognitive impairment, injuries to her head and neck, and several other complications resulting from the collision.

Pursuing Compensation

Our client is suing the at-fault driver who rear-ended the car she was in because the driver breached his duty of care to adhere to Ohio traffic laws, maintain a clear and safe distance from our client’s vehicle, and operate his vehicle in a manner that would not cause injury to others sharing the road. The negligence of this motorist resulted in the aforementioned injuries, as well as loss of love, affection, consortium, and enjoyment and quality of life for our client and her husband.

Seeking Legal Counsel for Automobile Collisions

If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident due to the negligence or breach of care of another driver, you might benefit from contacting a well-versed and compassionate lawyer at Charles E. Boyk Law. Our seasoned attorneys could investigate your case and help you pursue the compensation you may deserve. To learn more, reach out to schedule a consultation today.

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