Multiple Plaintiffs Seek Compensation from Rear-End Collision

On the evening of August 13, 2019, our clients were traveling in Toledo, Ohio. When they came to a stop at an intersection, our clients’ vehicle was struck from behind by a negligent motorist. After the accident, the Toledo Police Department cited the negligent driver for an Assured Clear Distance Ahead Violation, and our clients received medical treatment.

Determining Damages in this Case

As a result of the accident, our clients suffered serious personal injuries. Specifically, one of our clients suffered significant injuries to his neck and back, for which he received medical treatment. Our clients also incurred considerable economic losses, including medical costs and other damages. Additionally, our clients suffered pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish.

Further, the spouse of one of our clients has endured a loss of spousal consortium as a result of the accident caused by the negligent driver. This includes the deprivation of affection and loss of quality of life.

Establishing Negligence and Award Sought

The negligent driver in this case had a duty to follow traffic laws put into place by the City of Toledo and the State of Ohio. The defendant demonstrated a breach of these duties when she failed to maintain an assured clear distance ahead of her vehicle. The rear-end collision that caused our clients’ injuries occurred as a result of this negligence.

Our clients are seeking relief for the damages caused by the defendant in an amount greater than $25,000, to be decided at court.

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