Multiple Falls at Medical Center Lead to Lawsuit

When our client was a patient at the medical treatment center Genesis of Sylvania, she suffered two separate falls. These falls left our client with serious medical issues and long-term injuries.

Genesis of Sylvania was entrusted with the care of our client and failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent our client’s injuries. As a medical provider, Genesis of Sylvania, failed to create an effective fall prevention plan for our client. Due to this breach of duty, our client suffered two falls while receiving care at Genesis of Sylvania.

The first fall left our client with serious injuries and a prolonged hospital stay of several days. After returning to Genesis of Sylvania following her first fall, our client suffered a second fall. This fall left our client with extensive medical injuries, including a blowout fracture of her left orbital socket.

The injuries sustained in both falls were due to the negligence of Genesis of Sylvania. Their recklessness left our client with substantial medical costs, as well as, great pain and suffering. Furthermore, as a result of these falls, our client’s husband was unable to enjoy the activities he had grown accustomed to with his spouse.

In seeking justice for our client and her family, the committed lawyers at Charles Boyk Law, pursued negligence and loss of consortium claims against the medical service workers and the medical center. It is our hope that this fair compensation provides relief to our client as she recovers from this excruciating experience.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC