Mother Sues YMCA After Her Daughter Suffers Severe Head Injury

In the common pleas court of Lucas County, Ohio, a mother is suing the YMCA of Greater Toledo and a YMCA worker for the head injuries her six-year-old daughter sustained while she was attending an after-school camp operated by the YMCA. The mother claims that the YMCA and worker were reckless and negligent in their care at this after-school camp, which led to her daughter’s injuries.

The six-year-old girl has a history of physical disabilities and was previously diagnosed with developmental delays and difficulty with fine motor skills. However, despite her mother informing the YMCA about her situation—and the fact that she required constant supervision—the girl was left unsupervised at a playground at Elmhurst Elementary School, where the YMCA-operated camp took place. Because of this, her daughter fell and struck her head on the ground, was rushed to the hospital, and diagnosed with a brain bleeding and a left parietal skull fracture.

After this traumatic brain injury, the daughter developed seizures, which she had not experienced prior to the injury. Furthermore, her mother claims she has incurred great pain, suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress from this incident. In fact, she believes these injuries are permanent and will, therefore, require future medical care and incur associated costs. As a result, we are helping the mother to try to recover for related damages, expenses, and losses.

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