Man Injured in Intersection Collision Seeks Compensation

In July of 2017, our client was lawfully operating his vehicle in Lucas County, Ohio when, while stopped at a red light, a car turning into the intersection failed to maintain a safe distanced and collided with his vehicle.

Our client was transported from the scene of the accident to the hospital, where he was treated for injuries to his neck, back, hip, and other parts of his body. It was further assessed that the injuries our client sustained were permanent and will, therefore, require future medical care.

Seeking Compensation for Our Client

Our client is suing the driver of the other car for damages, as well as loss of enjoyment and quality of life for himself and his wife—due to the cited negligence of the motorist. The compensation we look to pursue should also cover the incurred medical care costs, as well as the other economic damages related to the automobile collision.

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