Lucas County Driver Seeks Compensation for T-Bone Accident

On March 3, 2020, our client was driving northwest along Fallen Timbers Lane in Maumee, Lucas County, Ohio. His wife and children were all passengers in the vehicle at the time. A negligent driver, traveling southeast on the same road, failed to yield when making a left turn and struck the driver’s side of our client’s vehicle.

The Maumee Police Department reported to the scene and cited the defendant for failing to yield the right of way at an intersection. Immediately after the T-bone collision, our clients went to St. Luke’s Hospital for medical treatment. The other motorist’s careless driving caused our clients to suffer severe injuries, and our attorneys at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices are seeking compensation from the at-fault driver on their behalf.

Assessing Our Clients’ Damages

The defendant had a responsibility to operate his vehicle lawfully and not in a way that would cause injury to our clients. The other driver is clearly negligent in this situation, as he received a traffic citation at the scene of the accident.

Because the defendant failed to yield before making a left turn, our clients suffered serious injuries that required professional medical attention. They also incurred great pain, suffering, severe mental anguish, and emotional distress.

Additionally, our clients incurred medical bills along with other economic losses. As they believe their injuries are permanent, our clients expect to incur additional expenses for future medical costs.

If the negligent party had shown an appropriate level of care, our clients’ injuries and damages could have been avoided. In this case, we hope to secure compensation to cover all our clients’ current and future damages.

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