Injured Toledo Motorist Sues for Accident with a Negligent Valet Driver

On December 13, 2017, our client was driving on the premises of the University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC) when he stopped behind another car at a stop sign. The motorist operating that vehicle was a valet parking driver working for Encore Service Group, LLC, and the car’s rear windshield was obstructed by snow.

The valet driver began pulling forward into the intersection when he noticed another car approaching. Then, he quickly reversed and struck our client’s stopped vehicle. Our client was immediately taken to the emergency room at UTMC for treatment. In response to the accident, we are seeking compensation from the negligent motorist and the valet company.

Establishing the Fault of Both Parties

Like all motorists, the negligent valet driver had a duty to follow traffic laws. However, he breached that duty when he reversed the vehicle despite having an obstructed view. Because the at-fault motorist was operating in the scope of his employment as a valet driver, Encore Service Group, LLC is also liable under the doctrines of respondeat superior and vicarious liability.

Pursuing Compensation

Our client suffered severe injuries in this preventable accident. He required a significant amount of medical treatment, which led to high medical bills. Our client has also suffered from mental anguish and emotional anxiety.

Unfortunately, our client’s injuries are believed to be permanent, meaning he will continue to incur economic and non-economic losses in the future. As such, we are pursuing compensation for all our client’s current and future losses.

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