Rear-End Collision in Clinton Township Leaves Driver with Emotional and Physical Trauma

Rear-End Collision in Clinton Township Leaves Driver with Emotional and Physical Trauma

In September 2018, our client was driving southbound on SR 53 in Seneca County, Ohio when another driver rear-ended his car at a high rate of speed. After the collision, our client was transported to a local hospital to begin treatment for the serious injuries he sustained in the accident.

Due to the crash, our client suffered serious injuries to his neck and back, and suffered a head injury that resulted in migraines and post-concussion syndrome. All of these injuries required serious medical care and are believed to be permanent in nature such that they will continue to require medical care in the future. Our client also endured great pain and suffering in addition to mental anguish and emotional distress following this preventable accident.

Seeking Compensation After the Collision

The negligent driver who collided with the back of our client’s car had a duty to adhere to the traffic laws of Ohio, and, unfortunately, they did not adhere to this duty. In addition to not maintaining a safe distance from our client’s car, we are concerned that the negligent driver may not have enough insurance to cover the damages he caused in the crash.

Due to the potential lack of sufficient policy limits in the at-fault driver’s insurance policy, we are pursuing a claim for underinsured motorist coverage against our client’s own insurance company. In this case, we seek damages for our client in an amount exceeding $25,000 to compensate our client for things such as medical treatment, pain and suffering, reasonable attorney fees, and other monetary relief for the inconvenience caused by the negligent driver.

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The attorneys at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices understand the frustration and difficulties that come with pursuing compensation after a car crash that was not your fault. It can be additionally frustrating when the at-fault driver may not have enough insurance coverage to compensate you for your damages after an accident.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a car crash that has caused injury, trauma, and financial hardship, it could be beneficial for you to reach our to seasoned legal counsel for assistance. Our compassionate attorneys can explain your rights and work tirelessly to help you secure the compensation you may deserve.


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