Injured Driver Seeks Restitution

On the evening of April 20, 2018, our client was driving northbound on I-475 and was stopped at a red light when they were rear-ended. The police arrived immediately and issued a citation to the defendant for not keeping a safe following distance. The police also determined that the defendant’s negligence was a direct cause for the collision with the plaintiff.

Evaluating Crash Damages

The plaintiff was rushed to the emergency room at St. Luke’s Hospital following the accident. They were treated for the significant personal injuries caused by the impact of the defendant’s vehicle. The plaintiff’s neck, upper back, and left shoulder were injured in the crash.

Further, the plaintiff incurred medical costs, lost wages, severe pain and suffering, great mental anguish, and emotional distress. Furthermore, they believe they will suffer from these permanent injuries for the foreseeable future.

This burden could have been avoided if the defendant adhered to their duty of care while operating a motor vehicle. Additionally, the defendant did not have adequate insurance coverage to reimburse the plaintiff for their injuries. As such, the injured plaintiff is also filing a claim with their own auto insurance company, Root. The plaintiff pays for uninsured motorist coverage, which should include the damages that occurred from the car crash.

As a result of the impact, the plaintiff is demanding that the defendant be held liable for damages, and that Root Insurance Company deliver the service that the plaintiff paid for, along with interest, costs, and additional relief that the Court believes is fair. Our client is seeking an amount exceeding $25,000 for the negligence the defendant demonstrated while operating their automobile. The plaintiff believes they are also owed interest, costs, attorney fees, and any other forms of relief that the court may deem just.

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