Family of Fatal Pedestrian Truck Accident Victim Sues

In Sandusky County, Ohio, a father of three children tragically died when he was struck by a negligent semi-truck driver. We now represent the mother of his children in a federal lawsuit against the trucking company and its driver so that she can achieve justice for her children, who lost their father.

The father of three was driving home to Delaware through Ohio when he pulled his vehicle over onto the far-right shoulder of the Ohio Turnpike and exited his vehicle. Shortly behind him, an employee of Mareg Transport was driving a Freightliner semi-truck down the same road. After slamming into another vehicle that had stopped behind the father of three, the semi-truck proceeded to strike our client and his vehicle. The severe impact of this crash led to his death at the scene of the crash. Upon further investigation, it has been revealed that this employee had previous traffic citations.

The extent and devastating nature of the truck accident are further demonstrated by the sustained property damage. The entire passenger door of our client’s vehicle was peeled off and the tractor-trailer’s grill and passenger side front bumper were torn off.

The truck driver’s callous disregard for our client’s safety is insufferable. To seek justice, our dedicated team of attorneys and the bereft family have filed a lawsuit against both the trucking company and the truck driver for an amount. We are pursuing claims of negligence, negligent hiring, and wrongful death and are seeking punitive damages.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries after a truck driver operated recklessly, contact the Charles E. Boyk Law Office and schedule an appointment with a committed Ohio personal injury lawyer. They can examine the factors surrounding your collision and advocate on your behalf.

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