Driver Runs Red Light, Hits Woman Driving in Toledo, Ohio

In March 2018, our client was crossing through an intersection on a green light in downtown Toledo, Ohio when another driver collided with her vehicle. At the time of the collision, the negligent driver was distracted by their GPS and ran a red light.

Our client sustained serious injuries that required her to be transported in an ambulance from the scene of the accident to a hospital. These injuries included damage to her left leg, which she was immediately treated for.

Negligence on Behalf of the Other Driver

The negligent driver who struck our client had a duty of care to adhere to the traffic laws and traffic signage, as well as to operate her vehicle safely so as not to endanger others. Unfortunately, the at-fault motorist did not follow this duty, which led to the accident.

Due to the other driver’s negligence and breach of duty, our client sustained serious injuries to her body that required surgery to correct, including a severe internal injury to her leg that has left her with ongoing complications and impacts on her daily life. Our client also suffered psychological distress that required treatment.

Because there is a possibility that the negligent driver was either not covered by liability insurance or had insurance lower than the policy limits allowed by our client’s insurance policy, we have also filed a claim on our client’s behalf for compensation through uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage under her own auto policy.

Pursuing Compensation for Our Client

As a direct result of this avoidable accident, our client was required to undergo serious medical care that incurred treatment costs. She also experienced great pain, suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress from the crash.

The economic losses our client suffered, including wages lost due to medical leave, severely impacted the livelihood of our client. She also believes that the injuries she sustained from this collision are permanent in nature and will continue to require medical expenses.

On behalf of our client, we are seeking a compensation amount exceeding $25,000 to cover the extent of the damages from the crash, as well as interest, reasonable attorney fees, and additional relief the court may deem fitting. We also look to pursue a declaration that our client is entitled to uninsured/underinsured coverage under her own insurance policy.

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Unfortunately, negligent drivers continue to operate their motor vehicles and cause accidents on roadways in Ohio and across the country. While in a perfect world, these accidents would never happen, we have to be prepared for the instances where they occur, and seek compensation to cope with the injuries these accidents cause.

If you or someone you love has been involved or injured in a car accident, it may be important for you to reach out to our knowledgeable legal counsel. The dedicated attorneys at Charles E. Boyk Law have years of experience dealing with complex personal injury claims involving negligent drivers.

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