Driver Injured in Head-On Collision Sues for Compensation

Late at night on June 23, 2020, our client was traveling west down E. Manhattan Boulevard, when he arrived at an intersection. The traffic light was green, so he proceeded to drive through the intersection. At the same time, a negligent driver exiting from Interstate 280 failed to stop at a red traffic signal and struck our client’s vehicle head-on. Immediately after the collision, our client was sent to the emergency eoom at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center for treatment.

Evaluating Our Client’s Damages

The defendant owed a duty to our client to safely operate his vehicle, which he breached when he ran a red light. Because of the defendant’s negligence, our client suffered several injuries, including whiplash, nerve damage, and damage to his lower back.

Our client has undergone extensive and costly medical treatment for his injuries. Additionally, he has experienced pain, suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish. He believes his injuries are permanent and will cause him to incur further economic losses due to long-term medical care. Because this accident has had a life-altering impact on our client, we are seeking compensation for all his current and future damages.

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