Construction Company Defectively Repairs Concrete Causing Serious Personal Injury

In December 2018, our client was leaving the premises of a medical facility and while walking in the parking lot to his car, stepped on what appeared to be a repaved square of concrete. After stepping on this concrete square, the concrete gave way, causing our client’s foot to go through the concrete, severely injuring his ankle and foot. The construction company defectively set, patched, or repaired the square of concrete and as a result our client suffered serious personal injuries and continues to experience pain and suffering from the incident.

Additionally, our client experienced and will continue to experience severe mental anguish and emotional distress. The physical, emotional, and mental pain that our client has and will continue to experience from the accident have severely diminished his quality of life. Our client’s wife and children also claim that due to the defendant’s negligence, their enjoyment and quality of life as well as their ability to carry on with normal activities with their husband and father have been impaired.

Our client required immediate medical attention to tend to his injured ankle and foot. The medical bills that he incurred have hurt his economic situation and will continue to do so as further medical attention is needed.

On behalf of our client, we are seeking compensation to cover medical fees, as well as other damages including but not limited to pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of spousal consortium, and loss of parental consortium.

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