Confidential Settlement – Ride-Share Driver Loses Control, Causing Permanent Injuries to 19-Year-Old

When our client left work in the backseat of a ridesharing vehicle, he expected to arrive safely at home. Unfortunately, the ridesharing driver drove erratically and ultimately lost control of his vehicle, spinning off the road in a horrific crash. Our client suffered serious lacerations across his face that left him permanently scarred, along with a horrific fracture to his arm and a broken vertebra. Due to the trauma of the crash, our client experienced depression, anxiety, and nightmares. He was also diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury that caused headaches and memory problems.

Even after extensive therapy, our client has a permanent lifting restriction and has been deemed disabled. He still deals with daily pain and psychological changes that have left him a different person than he was pre-crash. Our firm was laser-focused on guiding our client through his recovery. By pursuing the case aggressively, we were able to obtain a significant settlement for him without ever filing a lawsuit. Without ever having to set foot in court or sit through a deposition, our client now has the means to rebuild his life.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC