Armored Truck Accident Leads to Lawsuit

In May 2017, our client was involved in a collision with an armored truck in Franklin County, Ohio. This accident resulted in severe injuries to both our client and her child.

Rya Banks was parked behind the armored vehicle at a Kroger parking lot with her daughter, when the armored truck backed into her car. This collision resulted in injuries to our client’s neck, back, head, and leg. Her daughter suffered an injury to her head, as well as resulting psychological trauma.

After the collision, Rya had to receive substantial medical care for her injuries. Beyond this, the cost of this care continues to pile up, as some of the accident-related damages are permanent in nature and require continued medical treatment.

Working with our client, we decided the best legal path forward was to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent driver and his employer—Dunbar Armored, Inc. Therefore, we are suing both the driver and employer on counts of negligence and vicarious liability. Specifically, we are requesting that the Court award us an amount.

Seeking Compensation from Negligent Truck Drivers

The experienced truck accident lawyers at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices are a team with years of experience litigating cases that arise from accidents on the roadways of Ohio. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a negligent truck driver, contact our firm today so that we may begin developing a legal plan of action to seek compensation for your injuries.

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