Apartment Tenant and Guest Sue After Suffering Serious Injuries

On July 21, 2019, our clients were in the living room of their Clair Commons Apartment when the ceiling and insulation collapsed onto them, resulting in severe injuries.

One plaintiff suffered injuries to his right hip, both knees, both feet, right wrist, lower back, and neck, while the other plaintiff sustained injuries to his head, neck, both shoulders, and right leg.

Our clients are pursuing legal action against Clair Commons Apartments, MTH Management, and Maumee Valley Investment Company for their alleged negligence and other violations of duties. Because these entities received rent from the plaintiffs, they had an obligation to keep the premises in a safe condition for their tenets, as stated under R.C. 5321.04(A). These companies had knowledge of the unfit conditions in the plaintiffs’ apartment and knowingly failed to repair the damages to make the apartment safe to live in. The lawsuit alleges that this carelessness establishes proof of negligence per se. The claim further alleges that under vicarious liability, Clair Commons Apartments is also responsible for the negligence of its agents, MTH Management and Maumee Valley Investment Company.

Estimating Damages

Both plaintiffs have injuries that will require future costly medical care and they will continue to endure pain and suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress because of the defendant’s failure to make the apartment building safe.

Our clients are seeking compensatory damages in an amount exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars, as well as prejudgment interest, costs, attorney fees, and any other relief that the Court deems fit to award them.

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