Current Cases Sexual Abuse

Sexual Assault Survivor Sues Attacker

From age 10 until 16, our client was sexually assaulted. Finally, in May 2019, her abuser was convicted of several criminal offenses and sentenced to a prison term, ranging from 10 years to life. The plaintiff is seeking reparations for the intentionally harmful acts of violence to a child. She is demanding an amount exceeding $25,000 for the six counts in which she is suing the defendant. Additionally, the lawsuit seeks punitive damages, and other monetary relief the court may deem just.

Sexual Assault Victim’s Family Sues

In April of 2017, our client’s teenage daughter was attending a sleepover at her friend’s house in Perrysburg, Ohio, when she was sexually assaulted by her friend’s grandfather. The alleged assailant frequently provided transportation for the girls’ extracurricular activities. At the time of the assault,…

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