Concord Township Ski Injuries

The Cleveland Ski Club’s Big Creek Ski Area is located in Concord Township, Ohio and is a group of over 250 skiers and snowboarders. Concord Township ski injuries can occur during the Winter season when there are many skiers in the area.

This ski club is part of the Cleveland Metro Ski Council and is the only Ohio club with a hill of its own. Ski patrol is on duty whenever the hill is open, and the snow is enhanced with SnowMax, so it takes much longer to melt.

The members of the Big Creek Ski Area are dedicated to the sport and are experienced on the slopes, but there is still the possibility that things could go wrong. Accidents happen sometimes, even with ski patrol on duty and club members as dedicated as these. Even with extensive prevention methods, Concord Township ski injuries can happen.

Contact a Lawyer

If you are a member of the Cleveland Ski Club and have been injured while skiing or snowboarding on the Big Creek hill, there is a chance that you may be owed damages.

If the accident you were involved in was caused by a skier or employee that failed to act properly on the hill, you have the right to compensation. Some ski and snowboarding accidents can result in serious injury, causing a disruption to the victim’s life, and racking up medical bills. Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. To receive compensation for these expenses and any pain and suffering you have experienced, call the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices to review your case today.


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