Drunk Driver Smashes Into Motorcycle and Flees the Scene
Our client was on a motorcycle traveling eastbound on US 223. As our client slowed for traffic, a drunk driver slammed into the back of his motorcycle. Upon impact, our client was ejected from his motorcycle and went sliding across the road. The at-fault driver took off from the scene but left his license plate lodged between the rear tire and rear fender of the motorcycle. Upon finding the at-fault driver, officers observed him as swaying, fumbling his words, bloodshot watery eyes, and smelling of intoxicants. Our client suffered severe road rash and a fractured tailbone.

Lithium Overdose Leads to Suspected Medical Malpractice Claim
Our office represents the estate of a woman who passed away as a result of a Lithium overdose. The woman was placed in a nursing facility and within a few days showed signs of confusion and combativeness. She was taken to the hospital and passed away shortly later. An autopsy confirmed the lithium overdose. Also found was a plastic baggie and 12 yellow pills within her digestive tract. Our office is investigating a potential medical malpractice claim.

Dog Attack Leads To Multiple Surgeries
Our client was in her yard doing yard work when her neighbor’s dog, a 70 – 80lb boxer mix, came over and attacked her foot and ankle. Emergency services were called to the scene and our client was taken to the hospital. She underwent emergency surgery which included a skin graft. She suffered complications that required additional surgeries and the aid of home health care.

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