Cases of Interest December 2020

Cases of Interest: December 2020

Farm Machinery Extending Into Oncoming Lane Of Travel Causes Two Separate Accidents

In December 2019, sometime after dusk, our client was traveling northbound on Ohio 235 in Bowling Green, Ohio. At the same time, another driver traveling southbound on Ohio 235 was towing large farm machinery that extended over the center line and into the northbound lane of travel. Our client smashed into the farm machinery, sending his vehicle off-road, where it rolled multiple times before coming to rest in a field. He was left unconscious, and the vehicle was so damaged that the rescue team had to use the Jaws of Life free him. Our client was life-flighted to a hospital in Toledo, where he received treatment for numerous injuries including multiple back fractures. He spent ten days in the hospital and is now living in a rehabilitation home.

Upon investigating, we learned that just before our client’s accident, another driver traveling northbound sideswiped the same farm machinery, causing her vehicle to overturn. The collision with that vehicle’s driver knocked off or damaged the farm equipment’s illumination. Despite knowing this, the operator continued down Ohio 235 with dangerous, unlit equipment extending into the oncoming lane. This had disastrous effects on our client. We are seeking significant damages from the owner of the farm equipment to help our client afford his medical treatment and to compensate him for the quality of life he no longer enjoys.

Hit & Run Incident Forces Our Client to Smash Into Center Median

In the early hours of a Sunday morning, our client was a young man traveling as a passenger in his girlfriend’s vehicle. As they traveled westbound on I-475 in Toledo, Ohio, another driver bumped the vehicle’s back right side. This collision caused the vehicle our client was riding in to careen to the left and smash into the concrete barricade. The other driver fled the scene. Our client was

transported via EMS to the nearest hospital, where he was admitted for seven days. He suffered a fractured leg and wrist, requiring surgery and the installation of hardware. Our client is currently receiving rehabilitative treatment. Our client’s girlfriend was also injured, suffering a broken arm, two fractured ankles, and a lacerated foot. We are seeking compensation to help our client pay for his ongoing medical expenses.

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