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Seven-Year-Old Twin Boy Dies Due To Failed Medical Care

On or about March 16, 2015 a seven-year-old boy became ill with symptoms of cough, diarrhea, fever, headache, nasal discharge, nausea, sinus problems and vomiting. He was taken to see his long-time primary care doctor and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, viral. He was given a prescription for Zofran and was told to follow-up if needed.

The following day the boy’s stomach became distended and tight with worsening diarrhea. The boy was in terrible pain and had been up all night. The boy’s mother followed-up with his primary care doctor and was told the symptoms are likely related to illness and to try taking the medication Bentyl to help the cramping. The doctor order an x-ray and told the boy’s mother if symptoms worsen to take the boy to the emergency room. The boy was taken for an x-ray and the radiology report concluded that the boy suffered from a high-grade bowel obstruction. Although CT imaging of the abdomen and pelvis was recommended, no CT was ordered. The findings were discussed with the child’s primary care doctor, and the parents were told that they were okay to go home and that the child just had a lot of gas. The boy’s parents were never told the boy had a small bowel obstruction. The boy and his parents left the hospital and filled a prescription for Bentyl.

The next day the boy was not better and hadn’t slept in three days. The boy was taken to the emergency room where he presented toxic and lethargic. The boy was taken by life-flight to the Toledo Children’s emergency room for transfer and immediate surgical evaluation. During transit the boy went into cardiac arrest. Although resuscitation was attempted the boy passed away. The cause of death was determined to be septic shock (E Coli sepsis) due to small bowel obstruction, midgut volvulus and incomplete mesenteric attachment of the cecum (since birth).

Our office was retained and immediately began lengthy investigations regarding the medical care the young boy received. Upon finding that the boy’s care fell below the standards of good medical care, our office filed a lawsuit alleging Medical Malpractice against the doctors and hospital involved.
The young boy left behind loving parents and two siblings, one of which was his twin sister. Our office composed a professional video in efforts to demonstrate the family’s loving connection and the life the boy once had. This video was sent to opposing counsel and eventually helped secure a confidential settlement award.

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