Case Results

Car Accident Victim Claims More $25,000

Our client was involved in a car accident in Toledo, Ohio in July 2017. As a result of this accident, she sustained serious injuries to her neck, back, head, right arm, and right shoulder. These injuries have left our client in a critical financial and physical condition. The extensive injuries will likely be permanent and require costly long-term medical care.

The collision occurred in Lucas County and involved a driver who is not the owner of the vehicle involved. We assert that the car owner was negligent in loaning his car to the driver because there was evidence of the driver’s reckless and incompetent driving tendencies. By entrusting his car to the driver involved in the accident, the car owner is partially responsible for our client’s injuries.
Charles Boyk Law is diligently working with our client to ensure she not only receives care and support for her injuries but is also able to recover in excess of $25,000 from the defendants to alleviate the new difficulties she faces due to the accident.

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