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$302,363.52 Settlement – Man Sustains Meniscus Tear and Fractured Tibia in Auto Accident

In 2019, our client suffered serious injuries as a result of an auto accident. While our client was properly stopped at a red light, the defendant driver began driving at a high rate of speed and subsequently lost control of her vehicle, causing her to strike the median. Her car went airborne and collided with our client’s car. The impact of the collision caused our client to lose consciousness. He was transported from the scene to a nearby hospital to assess his injuries. After an investigation, the defendant was found to be at-fault and was appropriately cited.

At the hospital, our client was found to have suffered a torn meniscus, a tibia fracture, a concussion, and lumbar and cervical strain. He was required to undergo surgery to repair the injury to his meniscus. Our client required extensive physical therapy to rehabilitate his injuries. Not only did our client sustain serious physical injuries, but he also suffered from cognitively and mentally after the accident. Our client experienced short-term memory problems and migraines, and he also began to experience depressive symptoms. While the first surgery to repair our client’s knee injury was successful, he was required to undergo an additional surgical procedure and is likely to need a total knee replacement in the future. Because our client was only 32 at the time of the accident, it is likely that he will require multiple knee replacements in his lifetime as they only last for a limited number of years.

Due to a successful negotiation, we avoided the need for our client to ever set foot in a courtroom as we obtained a policy limits settlement. The amount we were able to obtain for our client against the defendant, however, was not enough to adequately compensate him for the extent of his injuries. Luckily, our client was covered under an underinsured motorist policy and we were able to add value to his recovery by obtaining an additional settlement under that policy.

***Individual results may vary based on the facts, injuries, jurisdiction, venue, witnesses, parties, and other factors. This result is not necessarily representative of the results obtained by all clients.***

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